The inspiration

Viya was born out of the frustration of manually putting on gloves. When a medical professional comes into an exam room everything is automated—faucet, soap, and paper towel dispenser... but the process grinds to a halt as the glove battle begins.

Because of the struggle, some choose to wear oversized gloves... which could affect their job performance and safety. The maker of Viya knew there was a better way.

Creative geniuses.

Viya Inventors.

Copper River Engineering

Copper River Engineering, led by inventor Bryan Waineo, brings to life new product ideas.

The name comes from a combination of the company's roots in the Copper Country of the Upper Peninsula of Michigan, and because copper is a common element used in electronics and technology. River comes from a love of the outdoors, and also hints at a stream of technological ideas that turn into products.

Fast. Easy. 100% hands-free.
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