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Viya Nitrile Glove Dispenser

Why a Nitrile Glove Dispenser?

  • Improve hygiene: The Viya dispenser provides a hands-free, hygienic way to dispense gloves, reducing the risk of cross-contamination in clean rooms and labs.

  • Save time: With Viya, users can quickly and easily access a new glove with just a wave of the hand, eliminating the need to fumble with a box or package of gloves.

  • Reduce waste: Viya's built-in motion sensor ensures that only one glove is dispensed at a time, reducing waste and making the most of your glove supply.

  • Increase productivity: By providing a convenient, efficient way to access gloves, Viya can help increase productivity in work environments such as labs, hospitals, and manufacturing facilities, where time is of the essence.

How it works

  • Load nitrile gloves into Viya from the top of the dispenser.

  • Dispense gloves hands-free by waving a hand in front of the opening.

  • Viya loads one glove at a time and applies vacuum suction for easy hand insertion.

  • Stop suction by making a fist, thentwist wrist to separate glove from cartridge.

  • Used cartridge drops into a removable drawer for easy disposal.

  • Refillable design and 100 glove capacity make Viya ideal for clean rooms and labs.

  • Built-in motion sensor reduces waste and improves efficiency.

Technical Details

  • Power Input: Viya plugs into 110/220V 50/60Hz electrical outlets.

  • Glove Compatibility: Viya accepts all types and sizes of disposable gloves.

  • Cartridge Compatibility: Viya accepts only Viya glove cartridges, with each cartridge containing a single glove. A box of cartridges can hold up to 100 gloves.

  • Single Hand Operation: Viya is designed for easy and intuitive single hand operation, with the dispenser being ambidextrous and the thumb oriented upwards.

  • Vacuum Strength: Viya applies vacuum suction to the glove for easy hand insertion, and the strength of the vacuum can be adjusted depending on the glove type and size.

  • Motion Sensor: The built-in motion sensor detects when a hand is waved in front of the dispenser, allowing for hands-free operation and reducing the risk of cross-contamination.

  • Cartridge Removal: The used cartridge drops into a removable drawer below for convenient disposal.

  • Mounting Options: Viya can be mounted on a wall or on a tabletop for added convenience and flexibility in different environments.


  • Viya Alpha available for demonstration, contact for details

  • Origin model available April 2023

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