Glove & go

Automated glove application

How do we ensure sterile gloves?

Not by luck.

Learn how we made donning gloves

quick & easy

The Viya automatic glove dispenser

saves time

Automatic soap dispensers.

Automatic water.

Automatic paper towels.

Automatic gloves.

Clean hands are more important than ever due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Gloves are worn in numerous industries, but are almost impossible to put on without contaminating them.

The Automatic Glove Dispenser from Viya automates the glove donning process through a quick and sanitary process. Simply pick a size, insert your hands, and go!

Donning gloves is as easy as


Step 1. Select Glove Size

1. Select glove size

Step 2. Insert Hands into Automatic Glove Dispenser

2. Insert hands

Step 3. Remove Gloved Hands

3. Gloved & ready to go!


Seconds to put gloves on manually


Seconds using Viya's glove dispenser


More sanitary than manual application