Glove & go

Automated glove application

How it works

Simply select a size, and Viya uses negative pressure to inflate the gloves, allowing hands to be easily inserted. The result? Sterile gloves that... fit like a glove.

Automatic, patent-pending

Press button & done

Perfect fit in 5 seconds

100% sterile

Let's play a game. Put these thin, super stretchy gloves on without touching the outside.

Aannnddd go!

Because hand-applied gloves can easily cause cross contamination between patients, Viya improves safety and reduces secondary infections.

Viya is a breakthrough for sterility and safety in medical and industrial environments, providing an automatic way to put on sterile gloves.

Spent glove cartridges drop into the waiting trash bin, and Viya is ready for the next person to glove and go!

Viya is the ideal solution for exam rooms, pathology labs, dental clinics, and everywhere else the sterile gloves are required.

Automatic. Clean. Fast. Viya.

Fast. Easy. 100% hands-free.
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